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        • 9,75 €
          • Sweet White Wine
          • 2013
          • Moscatel de Alejandría
          • 15 º
          • 50 cl
          In Stock
            • Salted nuts
            • Sausages
            • Assorted canapes
            • Oriental - Spicy
            • Soft cheese
            • Strong cheese
            • Fresh cheese
            • Semi-cured cheese
            • Cured cheese
            • Blue cheese
            • Goat cheese
            • Salmon and other oil-rich fish
            • Tuna
            • Chocolate
            • Fruit
            • Cakes
            • Fried fish
            • Fish paella rice
            • Risotto
            • Asparagus cream
            • Fruto di mare

          This is a sweet Moscatel, the type of wine which brought fame to Málaga and which is making a welcome comeback. Only 2,000 bottles were made. A small amount of wine alcohol is added to fresh Moscatel juice producing a slow and incomplete fermentation and amazing freshness and natural sweetness. These wines are delicious!

        • 10,95 €
          • White Fortified
          • 100% Pedro Ximenez
          • 17º
          • Sherry
          • 75cl

          PX 1827 is an intensely sweet wine but has so much character you’d hardly notice. The solera was established in 1827 and PX wine has run through it ever since. The grapes are picked super ripe and dried in the sun till they become raisins before pressing to release tiny quantities of juice which is then fortified to 15%. The wine is then aged in solera...

        • 12,95 €
            In Stock

            Moscato d’Asti is absolutely delicious. It only has about 5% alcohol and is sweet and sparkling but is so intensely aromatic both to the nose and palate that it is irresistible. It is made by a process of partial fermentation which retains aromatic freshness, natural grape sugar and carbon dioxide. This example from Rivetto is an absolute classic,...

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