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Founded by Terenzio Biscardo in 1878 in Soave, the family crafted wines with great skill and in the hands of his son Luigi the firm progressed considerably and earned a good reputation. In the 1950s he consolidated this reputation and developed it further with carefully considered investment in winemaking and bottling equipment.

Today the firm is run by Terenzio's grandsons, Maurizio and Martin Biscardo who are further developing the 140 year family tradition. They blend this tradition with restless research into technological innovation, paying close attention to the presentation of their wines, which helps them provide great value for money. They even produce outstanding wines in Italy's deep south, Puglia. Prosecco Diamond is another, superb in both quality and presentation.

The brothers' deep roots in the area of production, the strong identity, the quality of the wine and originality of presentation are the true characteristics the the wines of Maurizio and Martin.

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