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They are strongly committed to our land and our people, and this commitment has driven Cellers Unió’s activity for more than 70 years. They believe that the best way of showing this commitment is crafting excellent wines, which serve as a tribute to their farmers’ work and, at the same time, guarantee the environment’s sustainability. This way we’ll keep alive the spirit of all those generations who have dedicated their life to agriculture.

To achieve this goal they promote sustainable agriculture and invest in their cellars and facilities to upgrade their equipment. At the same time they pay attention to whatever our associate cooperatives might need, including technical service, training, IT, legal advice, estate management and supplies.

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      • 9,55 €
        • Tinto Crianza
        • Syrah
        • 2016
        • 14º
        • Montsant
        • 75cl
        In Stock
          • Veal meat
          • Game
          • Lamb
          • Soft stews
          • Flavored stews
          • Stews with intense flavour

        Grandeur and splendour would not exist without marvels like Perlat. Undeniably sublime: Perlat, the most refined expression of the magnificent Montsant. Just as every pearl is unique and precious, Perlat is a magnificent jewel of nature

      Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item