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Vinos de Arganza is a family business bought by víctor Robla and his wife Ángeles Varela. Victor has been in the wine business all his life. Ángeles has returned to her origins, her grandmother Sara Álvarez de Toledo, born in Villafranca del Bierzo, is part of an important nobility family of the region, owner of large vineyards and wineries since the fifteenth century.

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      • 6,85 €
        • white wine
        • Godello
        • 2019
        • 12.5º
        • Tierras de Castilla y León
        • 75cl
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          • Hake
          • Salmon and other oil-rich fish
          • Sushi
          • Smoked fish
          • Sea bass
          • Sardines
          • Prawns
          • Raw shells
          • Cooked shells
          • Large shellfish
          • Octopus
          • Tuna

        its soil is a mixture of fine elements,quartz and slate. The vineyards from the Bierzo are planted mainly on humid, dark soil that is slightly acidic and low in carbonates.

      Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item