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The story sprouts in Bodegas Proelio, that collects the name of the Battle of Clavijo. And is that in the lands where they are now located their vineyards took place an epic struggle between Christian and Muslim Kings. It was more than 1,000 years ago, in the midst of the Reconquest, and legend has it that the Apostle Santiago, on a white steed, harangued the troops of Ramiro I, guiding them to victory before the Muslim armies.

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      • 9,90 €
        • Crianza Red Wine
        • 2016
        • 14.5º
        • 75cl
        In Stock
          • Sausages
          • Assorted canapes
          • Semi-cured cheese
          • Veal meat
          • Game
          • Lamb
          • Birds
          • Salmon and other oil-rich fish
          • Tuna
          • Flavored stews
          • Scrambles and omelettes
          • Mix of different tapas
          • Fried fish
          • Meat and sausages
          • Fish paella rice
          • Meat paella rice
          • Risotto
          • Meat and fish paella
          • Barbecue meat
          • Pescado
          • Barbacue of vegetables
          • Cream of seafood
          • Chicken soup
          • Fruto di mare
          • Pesto
          • Bolognese
          • Putanesca
          • Basilisco
          • Vegetables

        Proelio Crianza Red Wine is made from 100% Tempranillo and has an O.D. Rioja (Spain). Is aged in new and second use for 14 months with toasted barrels respect the varietal character. subsequent maturation in deposits for a perfect assembly.

      Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item