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Vinos de España - Rioja

Finca ATHUS is the bet of the  Family Monteabellón in Rioja, that after selecting their best vineyards and with modern techniques of
processing, get this unique wine in a unique land

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      • 8,25 €
        • Tinto Crianza
        • 2016
        • Tempranillo & Mazuelo
        • 14º
        • 75cl
        In Stock
          • Veal meat
          • Game
          • Soft stews
          • Flavored stews
          • Stews with intense flavour

        Finca Athus Crianza is a wine elaborated in the heart of Rioja Alta after the selection of the best vinyards combined with the long experience of family Monteabellón in wine-making, giving us this unique wine in a unique land.

      Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item