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The Bodegas López Cristóbal winery is the result of a family dream to start a winery, which was realized by Santiago López and his wife Lola Cristóbal. The López family originated in the town of Roa de Duero where there family´s ancestors date back to the early 1920s. The López family dedicated their lives to their country farm.

The Bodegas López Cristóbal winery was founded in 1994 on this same farm where the winery is located today. Santiago López, this winery´s agricultural engineer, began his career in the 1980s making wine under the Ribera del Duero DO of Spain until he decided to make his own wine independently from other winemakers. Today, both of his children, Galo and Francisco, have taken the leading role at this winery and have dedicated their lives to constantly improving their vineyards and winemaking processes.

The Bodega López Cristóbal winery in the Ribera del Duero has 50 hectares of grapevines, of which 48 are Tempranillo (Tinta del País). The remaining two hectares are Merlot and Albillo grapes. All of these grapevines are located within the Roa del Duero at 9 different vineyards that each feature different soil compositions.

The soils at all of these vineyards however are calcareous and full of silt and clays. These unique soils provide for excellent minerality in the red wines by the Bodegas López Cristóbal, providing them with unparalleled complexities.

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