Fino Quinta Osborne

  • Fortified Wines
  • 100% Palomino
  • Sherry
  • 15º
  • 75cl
Fino Quinta


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Jeanett Lorentzen
CEO Birdie Vinos

Made by Osborne who are based in El Puerto de Santa Maria. Here the river Guadalete meets the Atlantic and the town has a maritime atmosphere which is beneficial for the flor yeast and gives the wine a little extra freshness. Like all Finos it is matured under a film of natural yeasts (flor) which keeps the wine pale and dry and gives it its characteristic flavour. The name Quinta refers to the fact that the solera has four criaderas and the wine comes from the the solera, or fifth row of butts.

Tasting notes

100% Palomino Fino

Aged, like almost all Sherries in a solera and bottled after about five years

Pale bright golden straw

Attractive notes of almond and coastal salinity with gente herbal hints of camomile

Dry and fresh with a lovely balance between slight fruit notes and the yeasty almondy notes of the flor

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