Fino Coquinero

  • Fortified Wines
  • 100% Palomino
  • Sherry
  • 17º
  • 75cl

9,55 €

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Jeanett Lorentzen
CEO Birdie Vinos

Coquinero is local slang for a person from El Puerto de Santa Maria, where this superb wine comes from. It takes the notion of Fino to another level as it starts life as Fino Quinta  and after ageing full term as a Fino it is fortified to 17% to remove the flor yeast and then aged again, this time oxidatively for a further two years in a separate solera. The result is a more concentrated wine which, while retaining Fino characteristics, has added ones of Amontillado. Such wines used to be called Fino-Amontillado but that was deemed confusing.

Tasting notes

100% Palomino Fino

The wine has an average age of seven years aged in two soleras

Fairly deep golden straw with golden highlights

Crisp and fresh, yeasty and nutty, more complex than a normal Fino with lots of hazelnuts

Dry and slightly more structured than the usual Fino, it has distinct hazelnut notes along with a crisp, saline, slightly yeasty bitterness which makes it an absolute delight