Ximenez Spinola Old Harvest

  • Fortified Wines
  • 100% Pedro Ximenez
  • Sherry
  • 17º
  • 50cl.
Ximenez Spinola Old Harvest


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Jeanett Lorentzen
CEO Birdie Vinos

An unusual and very interesting medium dry Sherry which is made from a blend of dry Oloroso style PX in a 1964 solera and sweet PX from a 1918 solera. There are no fixed proportions and the blend is decided upon a year before bottling at a family meeting. The blend is then married for a year in separate butts without any further fortification. So it is not a single vintage wine nor a single solera wine, but like everything from this idiosyncratic bodega it is quite unique – and delicious.

Tasting notes

100% Pedro Ximenez

Being a blend of two soleras, from 1964 and 1918, and then married it is hard to put a precise age on this wine, but it has spent its entire life in the bodega in wood.

Deep gold flecked amber, viscous

Aromatic honeyed sweetness with notes of raisin and quince jelly and traces of wood and cinnamon

Medium dry. A tangy acidity balances the sweetness which stops it cloying and there are notes of quince, raisin and gingerbread, long, fresh and clean

Winery Ximenez Spinola