Lustau Oloroso Don Nuño

  • Fortified Wines
  • 100% Palomino
  • Sherry
  • 20º
  • 75cl
Oloroso Don Nuño


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20,45 €

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Jeanett Lorentzen
CEO Birdie Vinos

Natural Oloroso is dry Sherry. It never develops flor yeast and only ages oxidatively giving it a deep mahogany colour. Its name means “fragrant” which it is, and it is full bodied and generous with nutty walnut notes. It is sometimes blended with sweet Pedro Ximénez to make Cream Sherry.

Tasting notes

100% Palomino

Aged oxidatively in solera, it has an average age of twelve years.

Deep chestnut to amber with golden highlights.

Very fragrant with pronounced nutty walnut notes and background traces of orange, toast, caramel and natural chocolate.

Quite full bodied yet very well rounded with lots of nuttiness and very good length. It has lots of flavour.