Barón de ley 3 viñas

  • Whith aging
  • Viura, Malvasía, White Garnacha
  • Rioja
  • 2016
  • 12º
  • 75cl
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Jeanett Lorentzen
CEO Birdie Vinos

A white reserva from Baron de Ley. A complex wine, vivacious and lasting. Its elaboration is unique since each grape is elaborated separately and, later, it is left to age the coupage during a year in barrels of American oak.

A special and unique wine.

Tasting notes

Viura, Malvasía and Garnacha Blanca

Each grape variety is vinified separately and the result of the final blending or “coupage” ages in American oak for 12 months. Afterwards it spends at least a further year rounding off in the bottle.

Attractive, bright golden-yellow colour

A cascade of intense aromas, with dried raisins, almonds and aromatic herbs, followed by sweet honeyed tones and autumn fruits.

It is lively, lasting, deep and complex, with lots of nuances, mineral undertones and a slightly salty touch.