David Moreno White

  • Young
  • 100% Viura
  • Rioja
  • 2018
  • 12.5º
  • 75cl

5,35 €

In your house in 3 labour days

Jeanett Lorentzen
CEO Birdie Vinos

This 100% viura wine comes from old vines Badarán and Cárdenas, in the valley of San Millán (where the use of Castilian Spanish was first recorded). It is a well structured, balanced and fresh wine, the perfect accompaniment to good seafood!

Tasting notes

100% Viura

Not aged so as to preserve its primary freshness

Greenish-yellow with golden highlights, very clear and bright.

The nose is clean and fruity with hints of apple and lychee making it very inviting

Surprisingly good on the palate, fresh, with lots of flavour and very easy to drink. It has some body, good balance and a lingering finish.